What is CiaoCampeggio

What is "Ciao Campeggio"

The "Ciao Campeggio" (registered and deposited name and logo) network is an initiative conceived by Confedercampeggio in 2000 to cater to its members' needs. It is open to organisations and clubs for the purposes of providing benefits to Confedercampeggio members.

Admission is free. Members who hold the Confedercampeggio Card and who stop at participating Parking Areas or Camping Sites will be entitled to discounts and special benefits. The participating facilities may be easily recognised by a decal bearing the "Ciao Campeggio" logo and the year of validity: moreover the names will be published in the website www.ciaocampeggio.it and the newsletter "Fuoco di Campo". Every year the facility managers submit a technical sheet to confirm the characteristics and services available for the guests.
Moreover, in order to raise awareness and foster the direct contact between our members and the participating facilities, during the exhibitions and fairs in which Confedercampeggio takes part every year we spread the word of the Network Camping Parks and Parking Areas in a dedicated booth. The network grows by the year and has crossed the Italian borders by involving businesses operating in Austria, Croatia, Poland, Germany, France, Greece, Portugal, Montenegro, Republic of San Marino, Slovenia, Spain.

The growing interest of the operators and our Members compels us to frequently reorganise and/or restructure our website and info material. "Ciao Campeggio" is yet another way for Confedercampeggio to show its support for campers who love to spend their free time in camping sites or travelling to various such facilities, regardless of the recreational vehicle or system they use.