Ciao Campeggio: more benefits for members

The "CIAO CAMPEGGIO" initiative, launched in 2000 with a registered trademark and logo, allows us to recommend the best campsites where Confedercampeggio members will spontaneously receive a particularly warm welcome.

Numerous camping structures in Italy, along with those in Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, France, Germany and this year's new addition, Portugal, are listed in the special "Ciao Campeggio" sections.

Confedercampeggio intends, in this way, to recommend to all open-air tourists the campsites and parking areas (CIAO AREE DI SOSTA) that, in addition to the usual professionalism, availability and seriousness, understand and share the organization's commitment to promoting camping and travelling tourism among Confedercampeggio campers/members.

Members of the Circuit are identified by the window adhesive displayed in the reception areas, as shown below.
Membership is free of charge.
Just ask for a membership form from Confedercampeggio (segreteria TA federcampeggio TOD it or fax no. 055/8825918). When your application has been accepted, we will send you - free of charge - the special coloured window adhesive to display in your reception areas, and your structure will be added on the Confedercampeggio website and in the hard-copy information material. We would like to thank the Automobile Club Italia for producing the map of the Circuit. For the occasion of our 100th member, a "Meeting with the circuit managers" was held in Calenzano, also in order to discuss shared problems and to draft a "Declaration of Intent".

Confedercampeggio has always supported campers whatever type of recreational vehicle they use, and whether they prefer campsite or travelling holidays.

The list of members is available on our website ( and in the "Guida Camping d'Italia, di Croazia, Portogallo, Francia, Austria, Bavaria e Slovenia" (Guide to Campsites in Italy, Croatia, Portugal, France, Austria, Bavaria and Slovenia) and "Guida alle Aree di Sosta" (Guide to Parking Areas).

Our locations:
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